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    Posted on February 13, 2013 by in Restaurant Reviews

    How can this have possibly been my first visit to a food truck in the Hub City area? I’m not sure what took me so long to give it a try, but today I have been broken in.

    Order/Pick up

    We decided to order two items each and compare notes. I ordered The Rosceaux, a fried chicken waffle drizzled with honey add candied bacon (honestly I didn’t need a lot of prodding to agree to the latter) and the S’more waffle to share for desert. My lunch buddy had The Figgy Piggy and garlic waffle fries.

    Figgy Piggy & Fries

    Before we even drove away from the Ricochet Billard’s parking lot she and I had both dug into the fries. From the first bite of the garlic and seasoning, we both were “yumming” all the way home.

    Candied bacon? Yes, please.

    The Rosceaux with candied bacon was  first-rate and I kept the second half for a snack later. The Figgy Piggy waffle was apparently excellent as there was not a morsel left.

    If I had anything to do over I would have eaten in the car then walked back up to get the S’mores for dessert. The Nutella and marshmallow smeared between were gooey and wonderful, but the waffle was not warm nor crisp any longer.


    This is certainly not a place my heart would appreciate me ordering from weekly. Although delicious, I think doing an artery cleanse to flush out the system prior to visiting Viva La Waffle would be in order so the calories from this meal just slide right through. If I have the opportunity to return during the Lenten season I plan to try what happened to be the special for today, a fried catfish waffle.

    Restaurant Information:

    Viva LA Waffle

    Different locations around the Lafayette Area.

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