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    Posted on April 25, 2013 by in Restaurant Reviews
    Can't miss the colorful building on Johnston in the downtown area.

    Can’t miss the colorful building on Johnston in the downtown area.

    Whether you are looking for a healthy lunch or a no holds barred meal, Taco Sisters has what you’re looking for. Check out their menu online before you go, because trying to navigate the to-go line while having a first read through the numerous items and options on their menu will have you feeling rushed to decide. As an alternative have a lunch bunch that has been there numerous times and can make great recommendations makes it much easier.

    Brisket burrito filled with flavor.

    Brisket burrito filled with flavor.

    My gal pals made it easy to decide on the smothered brisket burrito. Wrapped up with cheese, re-fried beans, and green onions, that pulled brisket is well seasoned and full of flavor. My lunch companions had a mixed bag of selections, one going completely veggie (smoked vegetable taco and side salad) and the other having a brisket taco with chicken chili. Despite the long order we gave, it took a very short amount of time for the food to be wrapped, bagged, and handed to us in the drive-thru. The smoked tomato salsa was refreshing and different from the usual found around town. I was hoping for freshly made tortilla chips, but they only have a selection of bag chips.

    Because of the limited parking available we took the food back home to eat, but they have a beautiful outdoor sitting area for walk-ups before heading back to their downtown offices. One thing the server working the drive-thru was polite to point out was the fact that we could have called in our large order ahead of time, and just pick up without waiting.

    Available outdoor seating.

    Available outdoor seating.

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