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    Upon walking into the foyer of Social Southern Table & Bar you instantly know this is no longer the Canton City Inn building. The redesign of the entire space is amazing. Apparently this change hasn’t passed over anyones eyes in Lafayette as the wait for a table on Lundi Gras was over one hour. Thankfully we have good friends who have a post office box there which affords them quick seating and a gift each month from the staff at Social Southern. We waited perhaps 30 min at the bar and rubbed elbows with Mardi Gras crew royalty and patrons alike. Our short time at the bar afforded us an opportunity to take in the total transformation of the building. From the ceiling beams to the beautiful table tops, the rustic warmth is inviting.

    Beautiful renovation

    There has been so much buzz around Lafayette about the menu we were hard pressed not to try everything. We ordered Buck Bombs and Putine as appetizers for the table. After receiving a suggestion from another patron at the bar we instantly knew the Putine would become a future favorite. I can liken it to loaded french fries with an air of sophistication. Topped with cheese curd and fois gras gravy, we each served ourselves multiple times from the ample bowl.

    Second serving of Putine and partial Buck Bomb



    The Buck Bombs were tasty wrapped in bacon, but over cooked and slightly chewy. When I first heard they were serving these here I mistakenly assumed with so many deer hunters in Cajun country that it would be venison, but they are antelope instead.

    Shaken, not stirred.

    As I was the designated driver for the table I ordered a sweet tea and was pleasantly surprised when the drink came with table-side preparation. The extremely knowledgeable server gave us a short testimonial while she fervently shook up the tea, mint, and brown sugar in a Mason jar. She, like myself, is a sweet tea afficionado and this one is at the top of both of our lists. Even the beverages exude the attention to detail this restaurant exemplifies.

    Each of the entrees were amazing and we all tasted and traded around the table. I ordered the Steak Frites which was a perfectly cooked Hanger steak seasoned with Chimichurri accompanied by fries. Two of my companions ordered the Pepperoni Flatbread they were not quick to share before finishing the entire thing. Another friend ordered the Creole Rubin Sammy with a House Salad. Both looked amazing and she thoroughly enjoyed them. For the table we rounded out the order with a bowl of Mac n Cheese. After talking and laughing the entire night in the warm rustic surroundings we made certain plans to return regularly. Arrive before 7:00 if you want to have a shorter wait or simply enjoy your time at the bar.

    Steak Frites

    Pepperoni Flatbread

    Mac n Cheese


    Restaurant information:

    Social Southern Table & Bar

    3901 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA   70503


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