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    We are so glad there is a new breakfast place in town that is easy to get into on weekdays. Rusted Rooster at the corner of St. Landry and N. University has small town charm with big time flavor. After hearing about them around Lafayette and seeing their posts on Facebook and Instagram we had to give it a try. We walked right in and were able to sit immediately.  The younger staff and comfortable decor cater to all age groups including families with small children.

    Egg-N-A-Hole with Fried Chicken and Gravy

    Rooster Coop

    The menu boasts adventuresome flavors with unique combinations of familiar comfort food. We ordered a Bootsie biscuit filled with fried chicken then drizzled with honey, the Rooster Coop which is  an egg-n-a-hole (fried egg in toast) topped with fried chicken and gravy, and a few a la carte items for the difficult non-dairy eater (my sister).

    The coffee cup collection makes me feel like I’m at home; an eclectic mish-mash of different styles. While the outdoor seating with covered tables and landscaping is inviting, the food is the main event here. We knew we had ordered items that sound great and when they arrived, look great; but the flavors coming from the kitchen were unexpected.

    Bootsie Biscuit with Chicken

    Bootsie Biscuit with Chicken

    The batter on the fried chicken breasts was amazing. I could not stop talking about it. Completely caught me off guard with the first bite. I was thinking that it would be like any other chicken batter; however, now I liken it to chicken fried steak batter. Thicker than usual and bursting with seasoning and flavor (need that secret recipe). The biscuit with chicken and honey was great, and the crispy bacon with smoked sausage, grilled onions, and home fries were perfectly prepared.

    The only complaint if I can find one is that they are not open on weekend mornings. If you don’t work or live near the downtown Lafayette area, or don’t have mornings free during the week you would never be able to enjoy this wonderful place.

    Extras from the menu

    Extras from the menu

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