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    This is the first post by Dana B. Guidry.

    A Lafayette secret that needs to be exposed immediately is Noah’s Cafe on Ambassador Caffery near Dulles Drive.  Some patrons have been visiting Ms. Shirley’s eatery steadily for several years; by steadily I mean once a week or more.  I have been known to eat there so frequently that Ms. Shirley and I are on a first name basis;  we hug every time I eat there.  She has met my family and a lot of my friends.

    Sausage & Gravy

    Sausage & Gravy

    This past week she fed my oldest (4) grandson his favorite food…rice and gravy. Not a grain was left in his plate.  Seldom is any food wasted here; if the lunch is too much to eat, then the remains go with the eater for a second serving later.  Now that is a high mark for a Lafayette eatery. She and her friendly staff serve exceptional down-home meals, with huge portions, seasoned just right.  Noah’s is open during the week and for lunch on Saturday. She was opening 7 days, but that left her without time to attend church or relax.  The cafe’ also serves sandwiches, salads and gumbo, among other offerings. The regular plate lunch sides are available, but the taste is nothing typical. From the potato salad to cornbread dressing each side dish is a Cajun favorite.

    Noah's Hamburger

    Noah’s Hamburger

    Their hamburger is hand pressed, juicy, and topped to your choice.  Served with homemade onion rings or French fries, the burger is stacked and well seasoned; it is one of the best in the Lafayette area.  If you are in luck, Ms. Shirley might have old-fashioned pies (so scrumptious) or pecan pralines.  Where else in Acadiana can one see friends, have an A+ plate lunch or other specialties, and maybe have a wee bit left over to experience Noah’s all over again.

    See you there, Cher

    Cornbread Dressing

    Cornbread Dressing

    Shrimp Stew over rice

    Shrimp Stew over rice

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