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    The order line moves quickly.

    The order line moves quickly.

    While growing up our family had numerous traditions that we celebrated throughout the year. Keller’s cheese biscuits and chocolate milk Christmas morning, hot Meche’s donuts every Saturday, and Dwight’s bar-b-que on Sunday after church. The history of why none of the men of our family would ever BBQ is still a mystery. Dad, I know has never stood at a grill with tongs in hand and apron around his waist; it’s just not in his DNA. Our grandfather had a coveted bar-b-que sauce recipe, that my sister and I still attempt to master, but I don’t remember him using the drum sized pit in his backyard very much. So it has been left to the girls to learn how to grill and while I must say my BBQ is tasty it doesn’t beat the Sunday plate lunches from Dwight’s Restaurant.

    Chicken BBQ plate lunch

    Chicken BBQ plate lunch

    Whether you call in your order, place it at the counter, or sit down at the tables inside, Dwight’s is easy to enjoy. The line of fresh off the smoker meat and Cajun side items compliment each other perfectly. This restaurant has apparently been a staple for many Cajun households, as this past Mother’s Day while waiting in a rather deep line I overheard some of the older gentlemen behind me talk about how Lafayette has changed over the years. As they reminisced about this place or that store that used to be here or there, it made me wonder just how difficult it is for a business to stay afloat for decades like Dwight’s. The filled parking lot and overflow into Doug Ashy indicate this restaurant is has figured out the exact recipe for success and they serve it up daily. The smell of a fresh tray of rice dressing walking in from the kitchen snapped me back to reality as it was my turn at the register. The family all ordered exactly the items we love and the meat was cooked to perfection. Dad’s pork steak literally covered the entire square box and the brisket I ordered was tender and well seasoned. Y’all check them out next Sunday, but I know they serve plate lunches every day too; and when in season, crawfish at night.

    They are located at 4800 Johnson Street, Lafayette, LA (337) 984-3706
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